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  • ! Senior College Application Night

    S​ENIORS AND PARENTS! Have questions about the college application process? Wondering how to use Naviance to help you? Looking for information on planning your next steps after graduation? Attend college planning night! September 3, 2015 at 6:30pm, in the Fairview Auditorium. The Fairview counselors will present a complete overview of application requirements, post graduation planning, how to begin selecting potential colleges, how to request letters of recommendation, sending transcripts, scholarships and so much more. Be there!

  • ! Registration 2015-16


    What is registration? Registration is the formal process of agreeing to District and School policies and providing necessary information to Fairview for emergency and communication uses. It is not the same as the enrollment or course selection process and is mandatory for all students who attend Fairview.

    If your student wasn’t able to attend registration in May or is newly enrolled at Fairview, the process can be started before school begins.

    Students who attended Fairview 2nd semester of the 2014-15 school year: log in to complete your registration by using your legal name (the one used in Infinite Campus) and your student ID#. There will be no mandatory forms to print unless you need to update your emergency card information.

    Students who did not attend Fairview 2nd semester - this includes all incoming 9th graders even if you took a class at Fairview:

    1. You can log in to complete part of the registration by clicking the link at the end of this announcement. You will need to enter the student’s legal name (the one that the school uses) and their student ID #. If you do not know the student’s ID # because they are new to BVSD, you can click on the “New to BVSD” button. If you are enrolling after June 1st, you will need to send an email to nancy.flaherty@bvsd.org to request to be put on the registration list and to receive the student ID#.
    2. At the end of the registration process it will ask that you print two mandatory forms (Academic Honesty Form and Emergency Contact Form). If you do not have a printer, these forms will be available at the Fairview office after August 3rd and should be picked up prior to the first day of school. The student should bring these completed forms to Fairview their first day (orientation day) of school. At the end of their orientation day, they will hand in the forms (the location will be announced during their first day) and then get their picture taken for an ID. Depending upon the number of students, this can be a lengthy process, so do not plan to pick up your student immediately after the orientation day. We cannot predict how long it will take, so it might be advisable for your student to call you when they are close to being done.

    Payments: Course fees are not accessed until the fall. You can order a yearbook, activity pass and Royal Banner subscription online by going to the Fairview website and clicking on the “Online Payments” box, then “Additional Items and Events”, then “Optional Purchases”. We are not offering planners this year, the district will provide free access to all students to an online planner.

    Athletic Registration: Online registration for fall sports will be available at the Fairview website beginning August 5th.

    Click here to access registration.

  • ! Back to School Night

    Wednesday, September 9th

    6:30PM Welcome and Introductions in the Main Gym

    During Back to School Night, teachers will meet all their classes (including Freshman Seminars) to give parents a brief overview of their course content. Copies of course outline and course syllabi should be available on teachers' website for parents who would like them. Counselors will be available in the Counseling Center to meet with parents. There will not be enough time to confer about individual students, but a conference for a later date can be arranged. We will be on a Mini Bell Schedule with ten-minute class periods and five-minute passing periods.

  • ! General Information for Beginning of School

    Student Schedules Student schedules are posted to IC and can be printed in the library. Student MUST attend all classes that are on their schedule – NO EXCUSES. Failure to do so can result in detention. Schedule issues will be addressed beginning next Monday.

    IDs Students who came to registration in May and have 1st period will be given their IDs by their 1st period teacher. If you don't receive your ID 1st period and came to registration in May, go to the Security office. Students who didn't come to registration in May will need to go to the Security office behind the senior lounge during one of their free periods to get their picture taken for an ID.

    Locker Info The majority of students enrolled at Fairview last semester will have the same locker, locker partner and combo. If you forgot your info, check your BVSD email from August 2014 to get the info. If a change was made to your locker assignment due to students withdrawing or enrolling, you will receive an email in your BVSD email account. ALL STUDENTS SHOULD CHECK THEIR EMAIL JUST IN CASE. If you have no email from either year, see someone in Security.

    Students not enrolled at Fairview last semester should check their BVSD email for their locker assignment.

    SENIOR PARKING PERMITS Senior who purchased a parking permit should pull their car up to the Security table in the senior lot Monday through Wednesday between 9AM and 1PM. Security will have a list of students who have purchased permits, so no need to have your receipt. We are sold out of permits! Ticketing will begin Thursday, so get your permit before then.

    PLANNERS There are no Fairview planners this year.

    PROBLEMS WITH LOGGING IN Go to the BVSD website, Quick Links, Password Manager. If you still can’t get it to work after that, see someone in the Library.

  • ! Lance Yearbook

    This year, The Lance yearbook will be present on social media like never before. For the first time ever, you have a chance to be featured in the yearbook if you post photos, videos, statuses, and tweets with the hashtag #fhslance. From pictures taken at school events to tweets that you feel encompass everyday life as a Fairview student, you can contribute anything. Additionally, follow The Lance on: Instagram: @fhslance, Twitter: @fhslance,Facebook: Fairview Lance. Don't forget to buy your awesome yearbook on http://www.fairviewlance.com. Yearbooks are $70 or $75 with a nameplate.