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  • ! IB and AP Exams

    IB and AP exams have started! The exams continue for three weeks through Friday, May 22nd. The complete schedule for exam sessions can be found here along with the required reading for all students concerning exam conduct such as what to bring (or not bring) to the exams.

    More information about exams can be found on the honors page.

  • ! PARCC Testing Schedule

    Students who are participating in the PARCC testing (whose parents have not given permission for a test refusal) will receive instructions to report to a computer lab during their 4th, 5th, or 6th open periods on block days. Since there is a 55 minute common lunch period on block days, the period that students use for lunch on non-block days is a free period. This means students who will be testing will still have a 55 minute common lunch period, just not the additional 90 minute free period. That 90 minute period will be used to test students (whose parents have not given permission for a test refusal) so that there will be no further loss of instructional time for any student. This does mean, however, that testing will need to continue into May in order to have enough days to complete the testing without losing instruction. Math and language arts classes will take place for all students during all of the remaining PARCC testing window.

    The updated schedule document can be viewed here.

  • May 05

    ! Royal Banner Senior Survey

    Hey Seniors!

    The Royal Banner publishes a listing of where each senior is going to college (or if you aren't going to college, what you are doing) next year in our final issue of the year. Right now we have only received about 250 responses and will be sending the issue to print next week. So if you haven't yet, please fill out the survey as soon as possible, it takes about 30 seconds and prevents us from having to contact you individually. Please contact Lucia Rose with any questions about the form. Thanks!

  • ! Graduation Information

    Information regarding activities and graduation for the Class of 2015 is as follows. No tickets are required for graduation. You must submit the lottery form by April 24th if you want to try for a box seat. If you have a question about cap/gown orders, please call 970-663-2668 and Unique Recognition will be happy to help you. There will be a graduation meeting for parents at 6:00 PM on May 12th in the Fairview auditorium.

    Important Documents:
    End-of-Year Activities
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Private Box Lottery Form

  • May 05

    ! Girls' Soccer against Arapahoe High School

    Come out this Tuesday May 5th at 4:30 pm on the turf field to support your Fairview girls' varsity soccer team as they take on Arapahoe High School in the first round of the state playoff tournament. Go Knights!

  • ! Senior Parking Permits for 2015-16

    Forms will be in the forms rack across from room 812 on Monday, May 4th. We will sell permits to the first 290 turned in and paid. If you don’t have a car, but will get one sometime next year, you can still reserve a permit by turning in the form and making payment. Hand in the completed forms and payment to Mrs. Flaherty in the back main office.

  • ! LOCKER INFORMATION FOR 2015-16 10th-12th GRADERS

    We will not be offering or requiring current 9th-11th graders to sign up for new locker partners for the 2015-16 school year. Students will remain in their current locker with their current locker partner. The exception will be the first 77 incoming seniors to request a locker on the “senior balcony” area via our online locker request system.

    If you will be a senior next year and would like to request a locker on the “senior balcony” area, go to the form and fill out one request per locker (meaning, only one request with both locker partners’ names and student ID#s). Remember, only the first 77 requests from incoming seniors will be granted.

    All other students will remain in their current locker with their current locker partner.

    Locker clean out and lock turn-in for current seniors will be Friday, May 15. Locker clean out and lock turn-in for current 9th-11th graders will be Friday, May 22.

    INCOMING SENIORS: Click here to input your senior balcony locker request.

  • ! Prom 2015 - Photos!

    This year's prom — Knight at the Museusm —was a smashing success at the Denver Museum of Nature Museum and Science, complete with incredibly classy decorations, multiple types of entertainment, and plenty of Fairview students dressed to impress.

    Pictures can also be accessed from the Prom page.

  • ! BVSD CTE Enrollment

    New! CTE is now allowing Sophomore Enrollment for Fall 2015!

    BVSD High School students are eligible to enroll in tuition free courses at the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center. In past years, only juniors and seniors were eligible to attend programs at the CTE Center. However, in the fall of 2015/16, programs will be available for students starting their sophomore year. Take advantage of this great opportunity, as CTE programs prepare students for college and career readiness.

    Prerequisites: Students will need to complete Algebra 1A and 1B and Language Arts 9A and 9B in order to be eligible.

    Transportation is provided from the home high schools to the CTE Center at the Arapahoe Campus. Buses are available to and from Boulder H.S., Broomfield H.S., Centaurus H.S., Fairview H.S., Monarch H.S., New Vista H.S., and Nederland H.S.

    Please click here for the CTE Enrollment Request Form.

    2015-2016 CTE Programs:
    Link to CTE Course Details

    • AutoRepair 1
    • Tire & Wheel
    • Welding
    • * Web & Gaming Applications
    • * Computer Info Systems
    • * Criminal Justice (weighted)
    • * Forensics Technology (weighted)
    • * Digital Photography, Design & Video Technology
    • * Multimedia Design, Animation, Videography and 3D Tech
    • * Urban Agriculture (Horticulture)
    • * Greenhouse (Horticulture)
    • Medical Science 1
    • Nursing Assistant
    • ProStart 1 & 2 (Culinary Program)
    • Esthetician
    • Hairstyling 1 & 2
    • Nail Technician

    *Courses earn college credit and have a prerequisite of completing the College Now enrollment forms. Students earn high school and college credits at the same time! Please click here for the College NOW Enrollment Form.

    Depending on course choices, these programs also give students BVSD credit in Technical Writing (L.A.), Communications (L.A.), Botany or Anatomy & Physiology (Science).

  • ! Spring Finals Schedule 2015

    The finals schedule for spring 2015 is as shown below. Each day will follow this schedule:

    • 8:05 – 9:25 AM — Tutoring time / Makeup testing
    • 9:30 – 11:30 AM — Testing Block #1
    • 11:30 – 12:25 PM — Lunch Block
    • 12:30 – 2:30 PM — Testing Block #2

    Tests will take place in the following order:

    Day Test 1 Test 2
    Memorial Day 05/25 - -
    Tuesday 05/26 Period 1 Period 8
    Wednesday 05/27 Period 2 Period 7
    Thursday 05/28 Period 3 Period 6
    Friday 05/29 Period 4 Period 5

    Any tests that need to be scheduled outside the assigned time must be pre-scheduled with your student’s teacher.

  • ! Incoming Freshman Locker Requests

    Notice: The name used for yourself and your requested locker partner must match the name listed on Infinite Campus (no nicknames!), so be sure to communicate with the person you want to share a locker with. Requests with names that do not match Infinite Campus will be deleted.

    BVSD student ID numbers are required as a way to verify student requests. Students who are new to BVSD should use “NEW” as their student ID number.

    Only one request per locker (two students to a locker) needs to be submitted. Again, make sure that the person you request a locker with is in agreement and that you have their correct name and student ID handy before you go to the website. (If you are interested in sharing a locker with more than one person or you have any questions, please email nancy.flaherty@bvsd.org.)

    Questions regarding submissions will be sent to students’ BVSD emails. Please check it on a regular basis.

    Incoming 9th graders have until 3:00PM on Friday, May 8th to get their locker requests in. You will have a chance to verify your request during registration. Complete information about Fairview Registration will be available in May.

    Click here to submit a locker request.