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  • ! IB/AP Registration - It's time!

    Hi Fairview! Now is the time to register for both IB and AP exams for the May 2018 exam session. Go to the honors page for complete information, registration dates, and more.

  • ! New Absence Reporting System

    We now have a new absence reporting system. Parents and guardians can fill out the form that is located at the bottom of Parent Resources.

  • ! Fairview Mock Trial Is Back!

    The #1 team in Boulder is looking for new members and will be holding auditions at the end of the month. If you're interested in law, debate or acting, check us out. Come to one of our information sessions during Block Lunch on Wednesday and Thursday, October 18th and 19th in Room 844. You can also download our audition packet and check out our Facebook page. Email Mr. Lewis at james.lewis@bvsd.org with any questions!

  • ! Join Physics Club!

    If you're interested in the natural world and want to learn more about physics, consider joining Fairview's Physics Club! We'll participate in the CERN Beamline competition, talk about physics, and work on interesting problems together. We meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday after school in Fairview 430, and our first meeting is this Wednesday (Oct 18). Pizza will be provided! Contact Brian Park at bjpark01@bvsd.org with any questions.

  • ! Financial Aid Night, College Fair Dates, Senior College Application Help & More!

    To learn more about these topics visit the counseling office webpage here!

  • Nov 12

    ! Free FAFSA help for you!

    College Goal Colorado, holds a free FAFSA workshop to assist students and their families in completing their FAFSA, the application for Federal Student Aid money. The event is at Front Range Community College, 3645 W 112th Ave. Westminster; on November 12 @ 1:00-3:00pm. See more information, including items needed, here: http://www.collegegoalcolorado.org/items-to-bring/

  • ! Honor Council Survey

    Any instance of academic malpractice may be reported here (cheating, issues of academic integrity). Do not report any names, rather report the behavior observed. In this way, the reporting survey is not meant to target individuals partaking in these actions, but to provide teachers with a better understanding of the types of cheating occurring within their classes. All submissions are anonymous.

  • ! tbtk.

    Congratulations to the winners of the final TBTK puzzle! Here's a leaderboard of all of the finishers who emailed Web Team the hash they found. If you're still working on that TBTK puzzle, the announcement is archived for you on our Facebook Page.

    1) Ryan Quinlan
    2) Andrew Fei
    3) Kyle Quinlan
    4) Kobe Zhang
    5) Christian Gorton
    6) Shiqi Sheng
    7) Elia Gorokhovsky
    8) Saurabh Totey
    9) Kadin Tucker
    10) Lucas Kiefer
    11) Sage Livingstone
    12) Elijah Vance
    13) Noah Kendall
    14) Leo Rothstein
    15) Sam Haggans
    16) Dafna / Noga Margalit
    17) Kyler Squirrell
    18) Mateo Leyva
    19) David Warrand
    20) Kevin Yang
    21) Justin Hein
    22) Ethan Olander
    23) Samyak Ghimire
    24) Brendan Abernathy
    25) Perrin Leslie
    26) Angus Fiedler
    27) Zack Rasa
    28) Garrett Lyle
    29) Kevin Strand
    30) Joseph Ott
    31) Zander Gilbert
    32) Kaden Hawley
    33) Maia LiVecchi
    34) Anika Fergusson
    35) Carmelita Bacus

    Honorable Mention: Warren Woo

  • ! School Cheers and Chants Page

    Hi Fairview! Knight Crew is excited to present a cheers and chants page, a guide of cheers for sports, assemblies, and whatever else! This page can also be accessed on the Knight Crew page.