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February 2013

We would like to congratulate the following Athletes on their Scholarships to College:

Boys Soccer
Cory Center- TBD
Eric Kronenberg- University of Denver
Jack Mayfield- Metro Denver

Girls Soccer
Lilian Bitner- Yale University

Girls Golf
Jordan Sunset- University of Northern Colorado

Cross Country
Cory Munsch- University of Tampa

Girls Basketball
Georgine Ryder- Carnegie Melon

Girls Tennis
Jessee Clauson- Queens College N. Carolina

Tori Anderson- Eastern Kentucky

Girls Swimming
Abbie Houck signed with University of Loiusville

Lacey Smith signed with Northwestern University

Have you considered a King Soopers re-loadable gift card, useful for purchasing fuel, food or school supplies.

What about a Brick Paver a perfect memento for your graduating Athlete.

Don't forget the booster store, with clothing and gifts for the Athlete in your family. A bumper sticker makes the perfect stocking filler. Store hours- 11:15am - 3:15pm Wednesday and Thursday.

For more information on King Soopers cards and brick pavers please see below.

Leave your mark on Fairview High School

Purchase a brick paver to honor a student, alumni or to acknowledge a group, club or special occasion. Your tax-deductible donation supports FHS sports teams and facilities.

4”x 8” Engraved Brick Paver $50

8”x 8” Engraved Brick Paver $150 or $250 with logo

For questions or more information Contact Joe Swenson (contact information below)


Raise money for the Fairview Booster Club when you buy groceries and fuel.

First: PURCHASE a $5 King Soopers Booster Club gift card at The Fairview Office, or from Tim Felton or Joe Swenson(contacts below) or at Booster Club set-ups at Fairview Events.

Second: RELOAD your gift card in any amount BEFORE buying your groceries (in a separate transaction). After your groceries have been scanned, pay with your newly loaded card. Your card can also be used to purchase fuel at King Soopers Fuel Centers. You don’t have to reload your card everytime, just when the balance runs low.

That’s it! The Fairview Booster Club will receive 5% of the amount loaded onto your card. Your Booster Club supports all teams, athletes and fans at Fairview.

Go Knights!!

To order cards or for more information contact timothymfelton@gmail.com or (303) 506-7571 Joe.Swenson@mac.com or (303) 499-8000.

Booster Club Board Joe Swenson President 303-499-8000 Joe.Swenson@mac.com

Tim Felton Vice President 303-506-7571 TimothymFelton@gmail.com

Victoria McAulay Secretary Karen Cobb Treasurer Tina Aweida Booster Store Kirsten Felton Brick Program

Want to help? Contact us at fairviewboosterclub@gmail.com