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Redesign Changelog

Below is the complete list of changes/updates/bug fixes the Web Team has implemented since the beta release of the Redesign. If you've noticed a bug, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Update 2/16 - We've fixed the issue regarding calendar events not showing up on the Redesign.

Update 1/30 - We have updated the Student Access Time Schedule and fixed broken calendars on the old design. We have also returned the Staff Department Pages to the Staff Directory.

Update 1/23 - We have updated bell schedule times and fixed the address not being a link to the /info page. We are investigating issues with calendars and creating/displaying and may not be able to fix them until next weekend. Feel free to switch back to the old design if you encounter any blocking issues like these.

Update 1/22 - We have fixed the bell schedule being broken on mobile, added download buttons back to files, and allowed for counseling pages to be edited by admins. We are investigating the notifications box reopening bug. Easter eggs will be ported over the next couple months.