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High School Academic Planning and Support

Fairview has a variety of curricular pathways for students to follow. We offer courses at the College Preparatory (CP), Pre-International Baccalaureate (IB), IB, Advanced, Advanced Placement (AP) and IB levels. We offer students the option of taking a combination of courses ranging from all CP, some AP/IB, or full IB Diploma. We have created a comprehensive curricular pathway guide which serves as an excellent point of reference to students as they develop their academic four-year plan.

Fairview High School Counselors Provide:
  • Academic advisement and consultation
  • Curriculum and school wide system planning and support
  • Assistance in resolving academic difficulties
  • Help with course selection
  • Classroom guidance ICAP instruction
  • Encouragement and celebration of success

Tools and Programs for Academic Planning

Infinite Campus - BVSD's system to keep track of student records, including profile information, schedules, grades, and similar information.

NAVIANCE - software that helps students create a 4-year plan for deciding which courses to take during their years at Fairview.

ICAP - a personalized plan that all Colorado students must complete to ensure readiness for post-secondary and workforce success. It includes a 4-year plan for high school classes.