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Personal-Social Counseling and Wellness

The counseling department's goal is that students will feel comfortable approaching us about anything. We are trained in personal/social and crisis counseling, and it is our job to help stabilize students who encounter a difficult situation while at school. We hope students know we are always here to listen without forming judgment, and help students problem solve. Additionally, we have a plethora of community resources to provide to students and families should they feel it is appropriate to seek outside support.

Terms & Resources
  • School Resources

    Fairview provides tiers of support to help students overcome barriers to academic success. These include:

    • Counseling staff
    • Prevention/Interventionist
    • Response to Intervention (RTI)
    • Freshman Seminar/Health/Teen Challenges/Yoga classes
    • Mindfulness Lunches/Cookies and Cram
    • Knight Crew
    • Sources of Strength
    • Peer Ambassadors
    • Tools for Self-Discovery

  • Top Teen Issues

    Below is a list of the top issues affecting Fairview students today:

    • Stress and anxiety/Pressure to excel//Getting into college
    • Drugs/Alcohol
    • Depression/Suicidal ideation/Self-harm
    • Peer pressure
    • Bullying/Teasing/Cyberbullying
    • Self esteem/Body image/Eating disorders
    • Physical or verbal abuse
    • Internet/Gaming addiction
    • Relationships/Sexting/Sexual harassment and assault

  • Steps to take if you are concerned about the welfare of a student

    Here are two options:

  • Local and Online Resources for Families

    • Mental Health Partners is a comprehensive community mental health center that provides a broad range of programs and services to all age groups.
    • Second Wind Fund provides services for children and youth at risk for suicide.
    • Make an ANONYMOUS report through Safe2Tell.
    • For additional resources, Bvsd.org includes a non-endorsed list of services for K-12 students.