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Counselors & Staff

Counseling Office Hours: 7:30am-4:00pm

Appointments can be scheduled with administrative staff or counselors directly. Counselors are also available on a drop-in basis.

Administrative Assistant Jill Pries[email protected] (720) 561-3212
Administrative Assistant Cecily Breit [email protected] (720) 561-5345


Counselor assignments are listed below. We work with students in all grades 9-12 based on students’ last names.

A-CLWendy Herron[email protected](720) 561-5334
CO-HANShayne Culpepper
[email protected]
(720) 561-5339
HAO-LEAshley Houston[email protected](720) 561-3241
LI-PARMatt Mowen[email protected](720) 561-5332
PAS-SLMichelle Friend[email protected](720) 561-5338
SM-ZHal Burns[email protected](720) 561-5340

In addition, we have a variety of faculty and staff that work with counselors to help support students.

Registrar Vickie Rishel[email protected] (720) 561-5335
College & Career Center Volunteer Coordinator Carol Diebel [email protected] (720) 561-5860
Talented and Gifted CoordinatorDeb Darnell[email protected] (720) 561-5867
Mental Health SpecialistJenifer Shott[email protected] (720) 561-5867
Mental Health Interventionist Marilyn Lori [email protected] (720) 561-5861
School Psychologist Lauren Boryenace[email protected] (720) 561-5862
School Psychologist Cosmina Barbat [email protected] (720) 561-5862
College & Career Center
Volunteer Assistance
(720) 561-5860