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College Entrance Requirements

Admission requirements can vary and particular colleges may have additional requirements with regard to college-prep courses, examination requirements, and the general application process.

It is ESSENTIAL that students go to the websites of the colleges they plan to apply to and become familiar with the entrance requirements of each institution.

COLORADO Colleges and Universities

  • If you want to attend a four-year public college or university in Colorado, you should consider the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) requirements as a MINIMUM.
  • Even if you don't plan to attend a Colorado college, we strongly recommend that you meet the CCHE requirements. Refer to this comparison of BVSD and CCHE graduation requirements.
  • IMPORTANT: check with the college you are applying to and find out their minimum academic requirements for admission.

OUT-OF-STATE Colleges and Universities

Some notable examples of colleges with additional requirements are:

INTERNATIONAL Colleges and Universities