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College During High School

Concurrent Enrollment

Option 1: BVSD Arapahoe Campus and Career and Technical Education Center (CTE)

Some classes taken at CTE Arapahoe Campus offer Front Range Community College (FRCC) credit. Refer to the CTE Boulder Course Offerings and look for FRCC under embedded credit. Some courses require students to take a course placement survey called Accuplacer. Contact the Arapahoe Campus counseling office for the specific dates and times that these will be offered.

Option 2: CU Boulder, Front Range CC, or other Colorado Colleges

The High School Concurrent Enrollment Program allows students the opportunity to enroll in courses at CU Boulder, Front Range Community College, or other college campuses in Colorado for dual credit – both high school credit and college credit. In many cases, students receive financial support from the school district to offset the cost of the college tuition. The majority of the FHS students taking classes through the H.S. Concurrent Program do so because they have exhausted the curriculum offered at FHS in the areas of foreign language or math. (For example, they have completed IB/AP Spanish 5 in 11th or Calc 2/3 in 11th grade.) Interested students will need to complete application materials both for CU Boulder, or Front Range Community College, AND for BVSD. The deadline to submit materials is typically 60 days before the start of the upcoming term; the spring deadline therefore will be November 15th.

Students who are participating in the program this fall will not automatically be enrolled in the spring. All interested students MUST complete the BVSD application process each term they intend to enroll as they will NOT be auto enrolled.

Information and application materials will be available in the FHS Counseling Office with Ms. Wendy Herron. Reminder: Students must apply every semester for the following semester. The deadline for the Fall semester is May 15. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Concurrent Enrollment Act

  • BVSD Resources
  • The act itself and other info may be found here.
  • Nuts and bolts for high school students considering CU courses for Fall 2014:
  • The new legislation limits district tuition assistance to the going-rate of tuition at the closest Community College. In Boulder this is Front Range Community College. In general, community college tuition is approximately a third of the cost of the tuition at a four-year university. This means that students enrolling in coursework at CU will have to pay the difference in tuition.
  • Districts will no longer reimburse students for the tuition the student paid to the college/university. Instead, BVSD will pre-pay for the approved amount of tuition assistance so students only have to pay their portion to CU.
  • Both BVSD and Continuing Education are making available limited funds for students in need to offset the tuition difference. If you have a student who you think would qualify for additional financial consideration, please contact Wendy Herron, Counseling Dept. Chair.
  • Students will still complete the CU High School Concurrent Application form and Enrollment MOU. The “Statewide Agreement Form” will be replaced by a new district approval form, available on the BVSD web site.
  • Interested students should see Ms. Wendy Herron in the FHS Counseling Office to pick up information and application materials.
  • College Classes Available Online

    Almost all colleges now offer online courses to anyone who is interested in taking them. These classes may be taken for full college credit or just for an advanced academic experience. Several companies have put college-level courses online, free of charge, including from Ivy League colleges including Harvard, Stanford and MIT. These courses are referred to as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

    Read more about this new trend in Time magazine’s article College is Dead, Long Live College

    For links to these course offerings, see Online College Courses and MOOCs

    Can college coursework be added to a Fairview transcript?

    Note that not all of these courses are eligible for Fairview High School course credit. For more information regarding credits, check with the school registrar, Vickie Rishel