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Computer Science/Applied Technology Requirement

All students must have 5 credits in Computer Science or Applied Technology in grades 6-12 to graduate. If a student meets the computer science/applied technology requirement in grades 6-8, 220 credits are still needed for graduation.

At Fairview High School, students have two options available in order to fulfill this graduation requirement:


Completing one of the following FHS courses fulfills the Computer Science/Applied Technology requirement and the 5 credit Practical Experience graduation requirement:

Visual Arts Courses

  • A110 Digital Art and Design
  • A111 Digital Art and Design 2

Language Arts Elective Courses

  • LE2 Journalism: Newspaper 1
  • LE4 Intermediate Journalism: Newspaper 2
  • LE6 Advanced Journalism: Newspaper 3
  • LE7 Yearbook 1
  • LE11 Yearbook 2
  • LE12 Yearbook 3

Practical Arts: Business and Marketing Courses

  • B60 Business Management
  • I27 IB Business SL/HL

Practical Arts: Computer Courses

  • D87 Internet/WEB Application
  • I23 IB Computer Science Java SL/HL
  • V45 Career Digital Arts (CTE Boulder)
  • V55 3D Animation/Game Design (Formerly offered at CTE Boulder)
  • V61 Computer Information Systems (CTE Boulder)
  • V63 Web and Gaming Applications (CTE Boulder)
  • D93 AP Computer Science Principles Sem 1
  • D94 AP Computer Science Principles Sem 2

* Formerly offered at Fairview High School.


Students can also show completion of one of the following Middle School courses
(This does not waive the requirement of 5 credits of Practical Experience in grades 9-12).

  • J20 T.I.D.E. (Technology-Innovation-Design-Engineering, formerly Applied Technology)
  • PA7 (previously J23) Gateway to Technology 1 *
  • PA8 (previously J24) Gateway to Technology 2 *
  • TECH 20
  • TEAT Applied TECH/Multimedia **
  • TERO Basic Robotics **
  • TERA Advanced Robotics **
  • D06 Exploring Computers
  • D07 Computer Power
  • D08 Multimedia Productions
  • D09 Internet World
  • TEWB Web Publishing **
  • TECHMS Research & Info. Tech.

* Formerly offered at BVSD middle schools.
** Any two of these Summit MS quarter classes are required to satisfy the graduation requirement.