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BVSD Summer School

Summer is a great time for students to catch up or get ahead on their high school educations. BVSD offers several options for earning credits during the summer break. If you failed a class this year, you need to consider how you will regain these credits. This can be done during the summer through the BVSD Summer School program. There are several options available including on-campus or online options.

Visit the BVSD Summer School page to find general information about the summer school program.

BVSD’s Online Summer School courses let you earn credits at your own pace as you move toward completing your high school graduation requirements. Whether you need to make up missing credits through our Credit Recovery program or would like to take a Full Semester Course to free up some room in next year’s schedule, you now have the flexibility to make it happen. Visit the BVSD Online Summer School website to see registration deadlines and course dates for two summer sessions.

To register for any Credit Recovery courses, see your counselor.

Because courses fill quickly, complete your registration for any other courses as soon as possible.