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NAVIANCE for College Search

Naviance uses historical Fairview student data (test scores and GPA) to produce acceptance comparisons. Please be aware that colleges accept students based on a holistic application that includes essays, extracurricular activities, athletics, voice/musical performance, etc. These attributes are NOT reflected in the comparisons. Use the histories, graphs, and lists as just one more piece of information to help you with your college choices.

If you are not familiar with the Naviance software system, see What is Naviance.

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  • Naviance for College Research

    To use Naviance for college research, click on the Naviance Login button above and follow the instructions below:
    1. Click on the colleges tab and view the choices under college research.
    2. Use SuperMatch college search to search for college by specific search criteria, including Location, Majors, Scores, Tuition, etc. Explore the site by entering your specific filters.
    3. Use college match to view colleges looking for students who have similar GPA's and test scores as you. Scroll down to view a list of colleges that have accepted students like you.
    4. Use college compare to compare your GPA and standardized test scores to averages of Fairview students accepted by certain colleges. If you only have a PSAT score, this is converted into an equivalent SAT score for comparison purposes.
    5. Use college resources to view directories for more information about College Search, Test Prep, Financial Aid, College Athletics and the Military.
    6. Use college maps to view maps of colleges that have accepted our students, colleges where our students are attending, and the top 20 most popular colleges where our students have applied.
    7. Use scattergrams to view a graph of how you compare to our students who have applied to a particular college over the last two years. The graph plots acceptance results by decision plan.
    8. Use acceptance history to view statistics regarding Fairview students who have applied, were admitted and enrolled to a particular college over the last 7 years.
  • Update Naviance: Colleges I'm Thinking About

    1. Click on the colleges tab.
    2. Under my colleges, click on colleges I'm thinking about
    3. Click on + add to this list and use look up to locate college names.
    4. Click Add Colleges.
    Once you add college names to your Colleges I'm Thinking About list, you will receive automatic notifications when college reps come to visit Fairview from the campuses on your list. These notifications go to the email address you use to login to Naviance. You should also check the College Rep Visit Calendar for these and other visits from college admissions officers.
  • Update Naviance: Colleges I'm Applying To

    The college application process is managed through your Naviance account, therefore, you need to list the colleges you are applying to under **Colleges I'm applying to**.
    • If the college you are applying to uses the Common Application, you will need to sync the Common App with your Naviance account. For instructions on how to do this, read the section on the matching process in the Common App and Naviance Cheat Sheet.
    • otherwise

    • If the college does not use the Common Application:

    1. Click on the red "Not Needed" message on the lower right corner of your Colleges I'm applying to page.
    2. Click on "+ Add Colleges to the List".
    3. Click "Lookup" to find the name of the college.
    4. Click "Add Colleges" box.