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Coalition for Access, Affordability & Success


While the Common Application accepts applications for over 700 colleges, the Coalition provides applications for approximately 140 member colleges, most of whom also accept Common Applications.

The Fairview Counseling Office encourages students to apply using the Common Application during this early phase of the Coalition system launch. It is recommended that the Coalition Application be used only for the four colleges that allow admission exclusively through this new platform. These colleges include:

  1. University of Washington
  2. University of Florida
  3. University of Maryland, College Park
  4. Virginia Tech
If you prefer to use the Coalition Application for other colleges, please see your counselor.

The Coalition for Access, Affordablity, and Success is a group of over 100 colleges and universities committed to providing access to students of all backgrounds. They believe this can be done through free technology that introduces students to college planning and guidance early in their high school years.

Coaltion “access” is facilitated through three online platforms:

1. Coalition Locker  - Available now.
Private online storage for collection any student materials beginning freshman year of high school. For example, a student might include essays, resumes, videos, photos, artwork, or reference letters from coaches or supervisors. Any file formats that can be “dropped” in Dropbox or uploaded to YouTube can be stored in the Locker.

2. Collaboration Space  - Document sharing available now. Video sharing TBA.
A student is able to invite a counselor, teacher, parent or any mentor to “collaborate” on an item in her Locker by “sharing” it. As of Sept. 5, 2017, "sharing" a file allows view-only access to the recipient. Colleges will not have access to individual Locker items unless the student attaches it to an application.

3. Coalition Application  - Availability date depends on college.
The Coalition Application is an online platform for applying to Coalition Member Colleges. For some member colleges, it can be used as an alternative to the Common App. Individual Locker items can be attached to each application at the student's discretion. (NOTE: If a member college is ready to begin accepting applications, a "Start Applying" button will appear when the college is added to your Coalition account list.)