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College-Specific Applications

Some colleges provide their own, college-specific application systems, allowing them to control and customize questions, forms and final data collection.

These may be offered instead of OR as an alternative to services provided by Common Application or the new Coalition Application.

If the college name does NOT appear on the Common App Member Colleges or Coalition Member Colleges, then it likely provides a college-specific format. To verify which application types a college accepts, search the college's website for freshman or undergraduate admissions instructions.

Examples of colleges that EXCLUSIVELY accept their own, college-specific applications (as of Sept. 1, 2018):

Auburn University
California State Universities (Cal Poly, etc.)
Front Range Community College
Georgetown University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of California (UCLA, UC Berkeley, etc)
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
University of Colorado, Denver
Univeristy of Texas (UT Austin, etc.)
University of Wisconsin

If you are applying to only ONE Common App member college, check if the school has its own application as this would be less time-consuming than the Common App. DO NOT send both applications or you may delay your application process.