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Overview: Application Types

Colleges offer students various Application Types for undergraduate admissions.

The vast majority of colleges employ services that provide standardized online forms. These services allow students to apply to multiple colleges without having to re-type common information, while still providing a means for colleges to ask questions particular to their programs. Some institutions accept applications from a particular service exclusively, while others accept alternatives.

Three services are available to universities:

  1. The Common Application is the most widely used application service today.
  2. The Coalition Application is a new application system accepted by approximately 100 colleges.
  3. A less used system called the Universal Application is also available.

A few colleges prefer to maintain their own, online College-Specific Applications and may or may not also accept applications through one of the services listed above. For example, CSU accepts either the Common App or its own application. Examples of colleges that accept their own applications exclusively include Front Range Community College and the University of California.

Colleges prefer online applications but sometimes offer paper submissions for students who do not have access to computers. Please feel free to use the Counseling Office computers for your college applications.