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Plan for Your College Interviews

Local Almnus

  • Most interviews are conducted by a local alumnus after your college application is ​ submitted.
  • For the most part they are welcoming, want to get to know you and are eager to give advice.
  • Alumni interviewers are rarely given access to your application, allowing them to focus on your personality and presence.
  • After the interview, the alum sends an evaluative report to be included in your application file. The report will vary in length and specifics depending on interviewer style or how your interview went.

College Admission Representative
  • Less frequently, a college admission rep will conduct the interview.
  • At times, a current college senior who is trained by the admissions staff may conduct the interview.
  • Some admissions reps conduct interviews during visits to Fairview.
  • The interviewer may or may not have read your application.
  • After the interview, he or she will file a brief report to be included in your application file.

HOW TO PREPARE: (click to see more or less)


    The Fairview Counseling Office has found that students are most prepared for interviews in the fall or early winter of their senior year.

    Admission Rep Interviews

    Alumni Interviews





    Can be scheduled before submitting your application. The interview can occur during a college visit in the summer or fall of your senior year. Check the college website for details.

    You may wish to check if the admissions representative is conducting interviews at Fairview (especially around the weeks of college rep visits in October).

    If a college offers interviews with admissions reps, you may contact the admissions office to schedule the appointment. In some cases, the college will contact you to schedule the interview.

    Typically lasts 30-60 minutes.

    Usually on campus at the college admissions office. Occasionally college reps will conduct interviews at Fairview.

    Scheduled after submitting your application in the fall or early winter of your senior year.

    Some schools recommend submitting applications before the deadline to ensure an interview spot. Be sure to check the college website for details.

    Most colleges that offer alumni interviews will initiate contact with you after your application is received. In rare instances, colleges require you to contact an assigned alumni interviewer. Be sure to read all emails from your colleges carefully and to respond promptly.

    On rare occasions, you may not receive an invitation to interview if a college has no alumni in or near the Boulder area. In these cases, the admissions office does not penalize you for not attending an interview.

    Tend to last longer - plan on one hour or more.

    Typically at a Boulder coffee shop or other public venue.


    • Dress comfortably and appropriately.
    • A good rule of thumb is to dress as though you’re having dinner with your grandparents.
    • Dress conservatively. Don’t wear anything too revealing or suggestive. (Remember, you’re on an appointment, not a date.)
    • Make sure what you’re wearing is clean, neat and ironed.
    • Boys: Coat and tie are not required. Long pants are preferable.
    • Jeans are acceptable, but opt for a pair that doesn’t look too worn out.
    • Avoid shorts, flip flops, work-out attire, styles that feature rips or tears prominently, clothing featuring questionable verbiage or any college logo (including the college you’re interviewing for), too much perfume or cologne.
    • Remove your hat, please.


    • If you’re meeting in a coffee shop, bring a few dollars if you want to purchase your own drink (but avoid caffeine if you’re nervous).
    • Take a notebook, a pen, and your questions. Taking notes is okay.
    • You may be instructed to bring your resume, which should include a summarized list of your courses and activities. If your resume is not required, bring it if you have one, or bring an activity list with brief descriptions.
    • You may bring your phone, but turn it off or silence it!
    • Don’t bring gifts of any kind for the interviewer.