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Why Do You Want to Come to This College?

Chances are, you considered this question when you finalized your college list or when you encountered a similar essay question. If so, you’ve already done extensive research about the college.

Before your interview, take some time to jot down more specific notes about the college. Remember, interviewers expect you to be enthusiastic about their college.


  1. Go to the college website to read and take notes about: Student life, and what aspect of it is reflects that type of culture you’re looking for.
    • Majors you might want to pursue and why. Emphasize specific programs, engagement opportunities offered by the school or department that would enhance your experience.
    • Read the faculty page for the department and name a specific professor whose research interests you.
    • Name particular facilities at the college that would accommodate what you want to study.
    • List a few extracurricular activities in which you’d like to get involved.

  2. If applicable, recall your visit to the campus or conversations with current students:
    • If you toured a particular department, list specific aspects about it that made you feel it would be a good fit.
    • Name programs, activities or events that you learned about and in which you’d like to get involved.
    • Name a course you attended and what impression this made on you.
    • Name a professor you met and impression he/she made on you.
    • Name one or two students you encountered, and what they conveyed to you about the college in general or about specific majors, courses, events, student groups, etc., that resonated with you.
    • Write down anything else you observed that made you feel like the campus was right for you.


  • Brown University - Undecided Major

    • I’m really drawn to Brown because of its focus on undergraduate education. The open curriculum will give me a lot of freedom to explore my interests in literature, philosophy and the sciences. I want to be able to create my own program but have the guidance to put together a curriculum that will also make me competitive for graduate school.
    • I want to take thought-provoking classes like "Devils,Demons, and Do-Gooders" and "The Simple Art of Murder." There's even a math freshman year seminar called "From Flatland to the Fourth Dimension.” I think that Brown is going to open my eyes to a big world.

  • Washington University in St. Louis - Premedical Program

    • Wash U seems to provide very individualized pre-health profession advice. The size of the advisory staff is much larger than at other colleges I’ve looked into, and I like that the staff is dedicated to helping students navigate through the application process for medical or dental school.
    • I’ve read about a freshman course at Wash U that introduces students to the med school acceptance process, and guides them through what it will take over the next four years to be a competitive applicant. I haven’t seen that kind of course at other colleges.
    • Wash U offers study abroad programs specifically for pre-health students and I’d like to pursue that opportunity.
    • The Wash U Med School is only a 10 minute shuttle ride away. I’d like to get connected with research there, and the vicinity makes this logistically easy to do.

  • University of Michigan - Engineering Department

    • The mechanical engineering department offers specializations that interest me. As an upperclassman, I may focus on either biomechanical or aerospace efforts, and I think that the department will allow me to do this.
    • The shop facilities for mechanical engineering majors are new and well-funded. I feel like I’ll be immersed in a supportive, well-funded place that will give me a lot of freedom to experiment.
    • Lots of opportunities to get involved in student-run projects, like Solar Car. I’m excited that I can start a project as a freshman and continue to stay involved through my senior year. I think this is unique because it will give me a chance to focus on one project and grow into the role that’s right for me, whether that’s more technical or managerial. I also like that the projects are multidisciplinary, because I’ll get to work with not just engineering students, but students from the business, art or humanities departments. This seems like it would be a great way to learn what it’s like to work for a real engineering company.
    • I like Ann Arbor and its vicinity to the Ford Motor Company, which seems to recruit heavily for summer internships