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Final College Choice in Naviance

This page summarizes instructions for using Naviance/Family Connection for completion of the Fairview Graduation Survey, which provides valuable information regarding your experience with the post-secondary planning process at the Fairview Counseling and College/Career Center. In addition, you will record the results you received from colleges to which you have applied as well as your final college choice. Fairview collects this information to help future students assess their college opportunities through comparisons and scattergrams, as you did when you were compiling your initial college list. Your personal information remains confidential and only anonymous statistical data is displayed to other users.

Naviance Instructions:

To open a window to the Naviance portal, click on the Naviance Login box to the right. Follow the instructions below as you navigate through Naviance/Family Connection.

  1. Click the About Me tab.
  2. On the left column, under Surveys to Take, click Fairview Graduation Survey.
  3. For each college to which you applied:
    • Answer all questions.
    • List all the scholarships and aid you were given even to colleges you are not planning to attend.
  4. Before you submit your answers, ask a Career Center parent volunteer to check that your survey is complete and initial your checklist.
  5. Click Update.
  6. Log off from Naviance to keep your information confidential.
  7. For Step 6 of your Senior Proof of Clearance, proceed to see a Counseling Administrative Assistant.
  8. Congratulations! You're one step closer to graduation.