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Updating Your Application Status

This page summarizes instructions for using Naviance/Family Connection to update your college application status. This will allow you to use Naviance later to check the Counseling Office status of various college application materials.

  1. To open a window to the Naviance portal, click on the Naviance Login box to the right. Follow the instructions below as you navigate through Naviance/Family Connection.
  2. Click the Colleges tab.
  3. Click Colleges I'm Applying To
  4. For each college you decided NOT to apply to, click the box to the left of the college name, and click Delete Application at the bottom of the list.
  5. For each college to which you DID apply, under My App. click have you applied? and update information as follows:
    • Click I have submitted my application
    • Update the App Type (Regular Decision, Early Decision, etc.)
    • Update the Format you used (Paper or Online)
  6. When you are done, scroll to the bottom of the list and click Update Applications.