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Overview: Naviance for College Applications

Link to Naviance The website **Family Connection by Naviance** allows students and families to initiate and track the college application process. One of its most fascinating features is the ability to view historical information about where Fairview students were admitted and where they are now. Naviance supports the Counseling Office procedures for facilitating the submission of your college application materials.

If you are not familiar with the Naviance software system, see [What is Naviance](/counseling/about/what-is-naviance).

You are required to use Naviance/Family Connection to complete the following steps in the College Application process:

  1. List the Colleges You're Applying To.

    This step must be completed so that Fairview can send required application documents can be sent to colleges. Documents include Official Transcripts, School Reports and all Recommendation Letters. See Naviance for Listing Colleges I'm Applying To".

  2. Sync your Common Application Account with Naviance.

    For more information regarding the Common App Matching process, see How to Sync Your Naviance and Common App Accounts.

  3. Submit Information for Counselor Letters of Recommendation, including:
    • Student Questionnaire/Resume
    • Parent Questionnaire (Parent Brag Sheet)

    For more information, see Counselor Recommendation Letters.

  4. Request Final Transcript and record your final college decisions.

    For more information, see Naviance for Final College Choice.