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Mid-Year Transcripts

Got Senioritis? Think again.

After senior year fall semester grades are finalized, many colleges require a second official transcript to verify your most recent courses and grades. Your senior year academic record is an important component of your application that shows continued pursuit of challenge. And heads up - a final transcript after graduation is required by the school you have chosen to attend.

Forms Read directions before completion.
DEADLINE: At least one month before earliest mid-year transcript due date.
  1. Mid-Year Transcript Request Record (Yellow Sheet)
    A payment of $2.00 for each transcript is required. Accepted forms of payment include cash or checks (made payable to Fairview High School).
  2. College specific forms
    Include any counseling forms your college specifically requires to be sent with the transcript. Complete ALL applicant portions and SIGN if necessary.
  3. For paper submissions, click here to see more.

    On the rare occasion that your mid-year transcript must be mailed, include a stamped, fully addressed envelope for each college that requires this form of submission. The full address can be found on the college admissions website. Use the following for the sender's address:
    Your Counselor's Name, Fairview High School, 1515 Greenbriar Blvd., Boulder CO 80305.