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Official Transcripts

The Official Transcript is record of your high school courses and grades sent directly from Fairview to a recipient organization. It is accompanied by the School Profile, which provides summary information about Fairview's student body, course offerings, grading system and test performance statistics.

When you apply to colleges in the fall of your senior year, most colleges require an Official Transcript to assess your performance from 9th-11th grades. Colleges may also require a Mid-Year Transcript, a record of your 12th grade fall semester courses and grades, and will always require a Final Transcript after you graduate from high school.

College admissions counselors and scholarship organizations use the accompanying School Profile to determine your standing within the context of opportunities provided by your high school. For all Common Application colleges, counselors attach a School Report (also known as Secondary School Report) to the Official Transcript.

Forms for college applications
Due ONE MONTH before your earliest
college application deadline.

  1. Transcript Request Record (Green Sheet)
    A payment of $2.00 for each transcript is required. (Cash or checks payable to FHS)
  2. College-Specific Forms
    Some colleges provide forms that must accompany the Official Transcript. Complete the student portion & SIGN the form before submitting to the Counseling Office.

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  • Do I need an Official Transcript?

    In general, if the requesting organization requires that your performance record be sent directly from the school OR in a sealed envelope, then you need an Official Transcript.

    College Admissions
    Most colleges require an Official Transcript to accompany an application for admission. Many also require the Mid-Year Transcript (a record of your courses and grades during your senior fall semester, usually due in February) and a Final Transcript upon graduation. Check the freshman admission website for each of the colleges on your list to see if transcripts are required.

    A few colleges DO NOT require a transcript to be submitted with applications and instead require applicants to self-report coursework and grades. These are subsequently verified with a required Final Transcript after you graduate from high school. As of May 2016, examples of colleges with this stipulation include all campuses of the University of California, California State Universities and University of Washington.

    Other Organizations that require Official Transcripts
    Examples of other organizations that may require Official Transcripts include scholarship organizations or other competitive programs.

  • What is an Unofficial Transcript and how do I obtain one?

    The Unofficial Transcript is an unsealed record of the courses and grades you have currently taken. Unlike the Official Transcript, it can be handed directly to you.

    Examples of people who might request an Unofficial Transcript from you include a college coach or potential employer. They would use the information to quickly assess if you meet basic requirements for recruitment before confirming with an Official Transcript.

    If you are a current Fairview student, please log in to your Infinite Campus account, select "reports" and select "portal transcript". From there, you can either print or download your unofficial transcript.

    If you are a graduate or a former BVSD student, follow instructions for requesting an Alumni Transcript.

  • I need an Official Transcript for something other than college admissions. How do I request one?

    Speak to an Administrative Assistant at the Counseling Office, and bring the following:

    • All recipient information provided by your requesting organization, including name and address, email, or other delivery instructions.
    • A payment of $2.00 per transcript (cash or check payable to Fairview High School.
    • If the transcript is required in paper format, a stamped and addressed envelope.

  • How do I request Official Transcripts for college applications?

    1. Fairview processes all transcripts for college applications through Naviance. Make sure all the colleges you are applying to are listed in Naviance under "Colleges I'm Applying To."
    2. Submit a Transcript Request Record (Green Sheet) for all colleges you are applying to that require the transcript, accompanied by a payment of $2.00 per college (cash or checks payable to Fairview High School). This form is due at least ONE MONTH BEFORE your earliest application due date, so plan ahead.
    3. In addition, if any colleges provide a form to accompany the transcript, complete the student portion, SIGN the form and submit this with the Transcript Request Record.

    Helpful video instructions are provided above.

  • The college I'm applying to requires a School Report. What is it and how do I request one?

    The School Report, also known as a Secondary School Report (SSR), is required by many colleges to accompany the Official Transcript. It is a verification of your fall semester courses and cumulative (weighted) GPA, and provides counselor ratings of your academic performance, personal qualities, and extracurricular activities. It is NOT a replacement for the Counselor Recommendation Letter, which a college may or may not require in addition to the School Report.

    The School Report is automatically completed and sent with your transcript by your counselor if you apply to a college through the Common Application (you do not have to submit a separate request to the Counseling Office). If you are not applying through the Common App, a college will usually provide a form for your counselor to complete. Please complete all student portions, SIGN it and give it to your counselor at least ONE month before your application deadline.

  • What is FERPA and why should I waive it?

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all high schools and colleges that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.

    All colleges will require you to sign a FERPA Waiver as part of the application process. For more information regarding the FERPA Waiver, including why you should sign it and how you might encounter it, click here.

  • I transferred into/out of Fairview. Are my grades from my other high school reflected in the transcript?

    When you transfer into a high school, the registrar incorporates your records from your former school into its own. Fairview High School transcripts should reflect courses, grades and credits you obtained at previous high schools. Speak to your Counselor if you have any questions.

    If you transfer out of Fairview before graduation, your records are sent to your new school upon your request.

    If you require a transcript to be sent to an organization directly from Fairview, follow directions for requesting an Alumni Transcript.

  • How are Official Transcripts sent to colleges?

    School policy prohibits the Counseling Office from giving you the Official Transcript, even in a sealed envelope. This confidentiality is required so that the colleges are ensured that your reported courses and grades are accurate. To this end, you must sign the FERPA Agreement included in your college applications as well as the Transcript Request Form (Green Sheet) so that your materials will be provided to the colleges in a timely manner.

    Depending on your colleges' requirements, the Counseling Office will submit your materials electronically or by mail before or on the application due date.

  • How do I know if my Official Transcript has been sent or received by my colleges?

    Check with a Counseling Office Administrative Assistant to see if transcripts you requested on your Transcript Request Record (Green Sheet) were sent. If you added colleges to your list after you submitted this form to the Counseling Office, be sure to submit an additional form to include those extra applications.

    After you submit the actual application to a college, you will most likely be assigned an account login by that college within a few days. Most schools provide a secure website that allows you to use this account to check which components of your application have been received or are still missing.

    Some colleges start a file for you as soon as they receive any application components, even prior to application submission. Call the college undergraduate admissions department for more information.

  • My college requires my Official Transcript in paper format. What does the Counseling Office need from me?

    On the rare occasion that your Official Transcript must be mailed, include an envelope FOR EACH college that requires this form of submission:
    • Place at least 3 stamps on the upper right hand corner.
    • Write the college admission office's full address (found on the college admissions website) on the middle of the envelope.
    • Use the following for the sender's address (upper left corner):
      Your Counselor's Name, Fairview High School, 1515 Greenbriar Blvd., Boulder CO 80305.
    Place all envelopes in a folder with your completed Transcript Request Record attached to the front.