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ICAP 9.1

Individual Career & Academic Plan (ICAP)

ICAP is a personalized curriculum that progresses through the four years at Fairview to ensure readiness for postsecondary education and workforce success. ICAP makes use of surveys in Naviance designed to help students identify their strengths and interests, use that insight to guide college/career planing, and align coursework to fit their chosen path.

The 9th grade ICAP lessons take place during Freshman Seminar.

Click on the following for more information on Naviance, which is where you will find the ICAP surveys and results.

Follow these ICAP Instructions to discover your career interests.

What Are Your Interests?

Knowing your interests will help you to choose a major, a college, or a career.

Additional survey options are available by logging into Naviance, selecting the "About Me" tab and then "My Assessments"