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A resume can help with applications
to college, recruiting interviews, summer internships or job opportunities

Even though a student may not have a lot of work experience, they probably do have enough other experiences to create a compelling resume. Experiences like babysitting, lawn mowing, summer camps, club participation and other extracurricular activities can all be used to build a resume.

Your resume can help you stand out!

Step 1 Begin by filling out a Resume worksheet. You can also make an outline of your work experiences (paid/unpaid),leadership positions, volunteering, activities, athletics, and academics
Step 2 Consider adding anything that shows attitude and performance achievements, such as positive attendance, teacher/coaches recognition, contributions to projects, clubs, sports,arts and music. Also,be sure to add skills that relate to your major or internship, such as computer programming,ability to work in a team, people skills, etc
Step 3 Begin building your resume. Be sure to use Action Verbs when describing your experience.
Step 4 Keep it concise and easy to read. Put the most relevant information at the beginning. Be sure to proofread it. Ask a parent or counselor. Be honest and accurate
How to set up a resume

Resume Examples

Look at each resume for different formatting styles