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Awards, Honors & Competitions

Fairview High School recognizes students in all grade levels for outstanding achievement in academics, extra-curricular activities and services to the school and community.

Most Fairview organizations confer awards and distinctions during culminating ceremonies or banquets. Organizations that present their own awards include each athletic department, the choir, band and orchestra departments, Architecture, Business and Latin Clubs.

In addition, Fairview has its own chapter of the National Honor Society. This Fairview organization has a specific selection process detailed at National Honor Society.

However, there are many additional opportunities for students to distinguish themselves through school, community and national competitions that are listed below.

Fairview Knight of Excellence

Some awards are presented at the Fairview Knight of Excellence, a ceremony held at the end of each school year. These include awards conferred by student organizations and academic departments which do not host their own events for recognition. This evening also recognizes those seniors who have distinguished themselves through exemplary accomplishments in academics, athletics, service, and leadership. See Fairview Knight of Excellence Awards for a list of awards conferred on this special evening.

Outside Competitions and Awards

Other opportunities for recognition exist outside of those conferred by the Fairview organizations. See Community and National Competitions for information regarding those opportunities.

Fairview Graduation Ceremony

Seniors who are members of the National Honor Society, Knights of the Round Table, and the top 20 percent of the class are recognized in the Fairview graduation ceremony program.

The top 20% of the class is reviewed by the administrators using both weighted and unweighted GPA. The GPA cutoff varies from year to year depending on the cumulative GPA of the graduating class. The cumulative GPA reviewed is for 7 semesters of work. Because the last semester grades for a senior are not available, the qualifying ends in December.

The latter group is also distinguished by the color of cord conferred and worn during the ceremony:

Silver and White Cord - Summa Cum Laude (Top 3% of the class - approximate)
White Cord - Magna Cum Laude (Next 7% of the class - approximate)
Silver Cord - Cum Laude (Next 10% of the class - approximate)

In addition to the above academic cords, a gold cord is worn by all IB Diploma graduates.