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ICAP Individual Career & Academic Plan

ICAP – Individual Career & Academic Plan

The ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) is a personalized plan that all Colorado students must prepare to ensure readiness for postsecondary and workforce success. The ICAP, developed during Freshman Seminar and subsequent years’ language arts classes, is designed to help students:

  • Identify their strengths and interests
  • Relate that information to college and career planning
  • Align
  • coursework and curriculum
  • Better understand applying to colleges and securing financial aid.

Boulder Valley School District uses Naviance to achieve ICAP goals. Parents can view student progress with a Fairview Naviance/Family Connection parent log on.

What does ICAP cover each year?
9th grade:

  • Introduction to Naviance
  • Self Discovery
    • Careers (Cluster Finder Survey in Naviance)

  • Establishing post-secondary goals
  • Establishing a 4-year academic plan(Naviance)
  • Creating extracurricular goals
  • Financial Literacy (in association with the BVSD requirement for completing the online Money Management course during the 9-12th grades.)

10th grade:

  • Self Discovery
    • Personality (Do what you are survey in Naviance)
    • Interests (Career Interest Profiles in Naviance)

  • Drafting a resume and cover letter
  • Updating the 4-year academic plan (Naviance)

11th grade:

  • Reviewing the 4-year academic plan
  • Reviewing ICAP goals
  • Writing a college entrance essay
  • Using Naviance to explore college, major and career choices.

12th grade:

  • Self Discovery
    • Job Readiness Skills

  • Using Naviance for submitting college applications
  • Conducting a scholarship search
  • Finalizing plans for transition from high school
  • Conducting a credit check for graduation