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Job Search Action Plan

1. Decide on the job you want or need.
Consider the type of job, the location, the hours, and the pay. You may not be able to find a job that meets all your needs, but given the current employment situation, you should strive to find one that meets as many as possible.

2. Complete a self-analysis.
What do you have to offer an employer? What kind of skills do you have? What previous experience do you have -- paid or volunteer? What have you learned at school that might be useful in your ideal summer job?

3. Develop a resume.
You will seem more professional if you present a professional-looking resume to potential employers. Check Resume Resources to put one together and attach a Cover Letter to the front.

4. Use all your available resources.
Talk with your parents and older family members, your friends' parents, your teachers, and any other adults you know and ask them if they have any contacts at your ideal job's company. Give them copies of your resume. This is called networking, and it will give you the highest chances of landing your ideal job.

5. Hit the pavement.
Read the newspaper want ads and surf the Web.

6. Apply for the jobs that interest you.
Make sure you are familiar with job applications and have all the information you need to complete them. Attach your resume as a supplement.

7. Interview.
Make sure you know something about the company. Develop answers to common interview questions and think of a few questions you could ask. Practice, practice, practice with a family member or a friend. Dress conservatively for the interview.

8. Follow-up.
If you are not offered a position on the spot, or if you don't hear from an employer after a few days, call or email to reiterate your interest in the position. Be certain to identify yourself and leave your contact information.