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During your four years at Fairview, you will explore your personality, interests and possible careers through the Individual Career & Academic Plan (ICAP) curriculum. ICAP development takes place during Freshman Seminar and subsequent years’ language arts classes, and makes use of surveys contained in the Naviance/Family Connection software. Click here for more information on ICAP and Naviance .

What does your personality say about areas of study and careers that would best fit you? The following personality survey is given as part of the 10th grade ICAP curriculum via Naviance . You and your parents can review your results in Naviance.

Want to learn more? Consider taking one or more of these personality tests:

Learning Styles
How do you learn best? By reading, listening to a lecture, or by touching and doing something? Knowing how you learn best can help you succeed in school and work. Take the following quick quiz to see what your learning style is.

Take a look at which famous characters from Harry Potter, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings most closely align with your character traits.

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