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Incorporating service into your life is incredibly rewarding and can become a positive, life-changing experience. As you consider volunteer options, look for opportunities that fit your interests and skills. Summer is a wonderful time to begin volunteering when you might have more free time on your hands. You can be deeply involved in a one-time event or you can commit to a couple of hours each week. There are great benefits to volunteering and sharing your time and talent with others.

At Fairview:
There are many opportunities to volunteer at Fairview including: tutoring in the Student Achievement Center, assisting with the Life Skills students in their daily schedule or specifically in their PE class, assisting a teacher or administrator with special projects, assisting a coach as a team manager or trainer, working in the student store, building sets for the plays and musicals, assisting 9th graders in the Knight Crew Program, working on the Fairview website team, and many more.

**Search for Volunteer Opportunities:**
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Outside Fairview:
Contributing to the greater Boulder community expands your experiences and choices. Here are a few resources for volunteer opportunities in the Boulder area:

City of Boulder

Volunteer Match

YOAB Volunteer Program

Foothills United Way Volunteer Connection