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First Generation Students

You Know You Are A First Generation Student If...

  • Your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) did not complete a bachelor’s degree.
  • Even if your brother, sister, aunt or cousin went to college... you are still a first generation student!
First step... go see your Fairview Counselor!


I'm First This is a community supporting first-gen students. It has information for college best fits, free mentoring and blog with encouraging stories. Their book with further resources is available in the CCC.

Access Opportunity This organization invests in high-potential, low-income students so they can have impactful careers. They have College Connect which is Colorado’s only college fair for first-generation or low-income high school students who are committed to go to college. They partner with families on guiding their student’s college decisions and provide a bilingual college planning program.

Colorado Challenge College Counselors Counselors work with students starting as early as February of their senior year of high school. The counselors are located at various colleges in Colorado. Their goal is “to get to the center of the issues that may keep the student from being successful and persisting to graduation.”

College in Colorado This organization was initiated by the Dept. of Higher Education to promote access to, affordability of, and success in higher education for all students.

Colorado Asset Colorado ASSET law allows eligible undocumented students to receive the College Opportunity Fund stipend at Colorado public colleges and to pay in-state tuition. ASSET is a state law that affects college costs, it does not affect immigration status.

Colorado Colleges

2 Year Colleges>

Community College of Aurora
CCA Admissions
Admissions 303-340-7522
Additional information about first generation support services:
TRIO Student Support Services
[email protected]

Community College of Denver
Admissions 303-352-3166
Additional information about first generation support services:
Trio Services Program 303-352-8746

Front Range Community College
Admissions, Boulder 303-678-3769
Additional information about first generation support services:
TRIO Student Support Services

Red Rocks Community College
Admissions 303-914-6348
Additional information about first generation support services:
TRIO Student Support Services

4 Year Colleges

Colorado State University, Fort Collins (CSU)
[email protected]
Admissions 970-491-6909

Metro State University, Denver (MSU)
Admissions 303-556-3058
Financial Aid 303-556-8593

University of Colorado, Boulder (CU)
Zeni Whittall [email protected] 303-492-2470
[email protected]
Admissions 303-492-6301

University of Northern Colorado (UNC)
Additional information about first generation support services:
First Generation Support Services
Admissions 970-351-2881
[email protected]

University of Colorado, Denver
Admissions Office 303-315-2601


Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Students and their parents must complete the FAFSA in order to be eligible for federal student aid programs which include grants, loans and work-study funds. The application opens October 1 of your senior year of high school, and the sooner it’s completed the more funds may be available to you. Fairview H.S. website has information on the FAFSA.

Where can you get help? Ask your counselor or someone in the CCC.

There are very few exceptions for parents to not complete the FAFSA. Here is a flowchart to help determine if a student is dependent or independent.


The Fairview H.S. website has a scholarship page. Search for “first generation” on the various scholarship website resources. Scholarships don’t have to be paid back!


Grants, which don’t have to be paid back, are normally qualified for by completing the FAFSA. University of Colorado, Boulder does have a First Generation Grant to apply for which is awarded to Colorado residents who are eligible for the Federal Pell grant and whose parents do not have any education or technical training beyond high school.