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Co-op, ROTC, Community College, WUE, Residency, Taxes

Co-op Programs
When: research as you are applying to colleges
Co-operative education programs at universities have students spend part of their time in the classroom and part of their time working in a corporation or lab doing closely supervised, paid work related to their field of study.
When: as you would apply for college
Interested in a fully or partially paid for undergraduate degree? ROTC is a program in which students earn some or all of an undergraduate degree by serving in the military for a certain duration upon graduation.
Tuition-Free Colleges
When: as you would apply for college
Yes, there are some colleges that charge no tuition.
Starting at a Community College
learn about transferring before you start
Your degree comes from whatever institution you are attending at the time of graduation. Ever consider taking your first two years of classes from a (less expensive) in-state two year institution and then transferring?
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)
Ideal Start: fall of senior year
Students from WICHE states (which includes Colorado) are eligible to request a reduced tuition at participating colleges.
Gain Residence Status - Possibility or Myth?
When: learn the details well before banking on this plan
One strategy students often consider is to move to another state and establish residency there to get in-state tuition rates. Read more...
Tax Savings
When: when saving for college or paying qualified tuition or loan interest
There are opportunities to save federal and/or state taxes when saving for college, filing your tax returns while your student is in college and/or during payback of college loans.