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Alexander Foundation scholarship for GLBT students

Deadline: March 14 – in 6 months

Website: www.thealexanderfoundation.org/scholarships

Phone: 303-331-7733

Email: [email protected]

Maximum Award: varies

Scholarships awarded from The Alexander Foundation provide financial assistance to those seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree of higher education from an accredited institution in the State of Colorado. Selection for awards are based on merit, need, and service to the LGBTQ+ community.

Annual scholarship award amounts range from $300 to $3,000.


Identify within the LGBTQ+ community

Be a resident of Colorado

Be attending an accredited institution of higher education in the state of Colorado.

  • GLBT
  • Colorado 4yr
  • Essay
Award Basis
  • Need
  • Renewable: Cumulative maximum $9000.00
  • Merit

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