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American College Foundation Visionary Scholarship Program

Deadline: May 1 – in 7 months

Website: www.AmericanCollegeFoundation.org

Phone: 617.395.6743

Email: [email protected]

Maximum Award: varies

This is an award for HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN, SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS, and SENIORS who are United States citizens or eligible non-citizens, payable to students after college acceptance.

Request an application packet online.

Application consists of:

Completed ACF Visionary Scholarship Application Student’s most recent unofficial high school transcript 500-word essay on “Why College is Important to Me”

All components of the application must be received completely at the time of submission. Applications are judged on the ability to follow guidelines (25%), grammar and punctuation (25%), and both the originality and overall merit of the written essay (50%).

  • Underclassmen
  • Essay
Award Basis
  • Merit

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