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Phone: 303-444-0200 x 15

Phone Contact Name: Vanessa Clark

Email: [email protected]

Email Contact Name: Vanessa Clark

If you like working with seniors, Brookdale North Boulder is an Independent Senior Living Community dedicated to community building and respect for our senior residents. Located at 3350 30th Street, Boulder (30th & Iris are cross streets.) We have 2 positions available:

  • Dishwasher - Shifts: Monday-Friday from 4pm-7pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11am-7pm. This position pays minimum wage and also offers uniform, provided new non-slip footwear, a shift meal.

  • Serving Position -After School or weekend shifts This position pays $12.00 per hour, free non-slip shoes ordered in your chosen style, free shirt and a free shift meal for every meal worked. This is not a traditional serving job: there is a limited menu to remember and the stress is on warm interactions with the residents.

These positions offer reliable after school jobs or an entry point into this industry as an alternative to college. You can contact me at [email protected] or call our office number at (303)444-0200 and ask for Dan to setup an interview time.

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