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Deadline: April 30 – in 5 months

Website: www.commfound.org/our-impact/programs-initiatives/15forever

Email: [email protected]

Email Contact Name: Erin Button

15 Forever is a collaboration with YouthRoots, a national youth philanthropy organization that teaches high school students how to make the world a better place while developing their leadership and life skills. YouthRoots was recently awarded the National Philanthropy Day's Award for "Outstanding Foundation."

The program is completely free. As members of 15 Forever, students will:

  • Learn and practice skills that will empower them to be a strong leader today and tomorrow
  • Use philanthropy to tackle issues they care about
  • Collaborate with awesome high schoolers from different schools
  • Complete 60 hours of community service Students who are passionate about making the world a better place should contact us. You can also nominate a student online. -Encouraging students who are racial or ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, differently able, low income or otherwise underrepresented

Please contact the YouthRoots Program Coordinator,

  • CO
  • Local
Area of Interest
  • Community Service
  • Volunteer


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