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Boundless Landscapes: Teen Apprentice Farmer

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Deadline: March 1 – in 3 months

Website: www.boundlesslandscapes.com/teen-farmers

Teen apprentices will develop regenerative farming, entrepreneurship, and professionalism skills by maintaining neighborhood micro-farms and running a farmstand on either the north or south side of Boulder. For teens who will be 15- to 17-years old this summer and are passionate, reliable, and excited to be part of something that will have social and environmental impacts. Teen apprentices will participate in between 4 and 8 weeks of farming. This is a commitment that requires enthusiasm, teamwork, and flexibility. While no previous experience is required, the most successful candidates will be able to demonstrate their positive attitudes, strong work ethic, reliability, ability to work as part of a team, and enthusiasm for the opportunity. In addition to hands-on learning, teen farmers will participate in a two-hour orientation in April.


Interviews in April

Apprentice Dates June 16-August 7

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