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Welcome to the Dean's Corner! Here you can find information regarding our attendance and discipline policies as well as some other key information regarding student success.

About the Dean:

My name is Stephanie Sirio

Contact her at [email protected] or


Attendance Policy

Click here for Spring 2022 Updated Attendance Policy

Top 5 Attendance Reminders:

  • Parents may not excuse students for single period or partial day absences. Documentation (doctor's/dentist note, court document, etc..) is required to excuse single period or partial day absences.
  • If a student is more than 5 minutes late to a class they will be marked absent by their teacher.
  • If a student gets sick in the middle of the day, they need to see the school nurse in order to be excused to go home.
  • Parents can excuse their students up to 10 times without documentation. After 10 call-ins, documentation is required.
  • Teachers are not required to accept work for absences that are marked as unexcused.

Academic Honesty

Click here for complete Academic Honesty Policy or click "Files" on the far right side of this page.

All Fairview students are expected to respond to academic challenges with the highest degree of integrity and honesty, which means fulfilling assignments and/or exams in the manner in which they are intended not to participate in any behavior that gains an unfair advantage for any student.

The Fairview High School Honor Pledge:

On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance as described in the Academic Honesty Code on this work and I have fully acknowledged the work and ideas of others.


The statewide anonymous reporting system

safe2tellco.org 1-877-542-7233


Academic Honesty Form (for Teachers) Icon description Icon lock

Teachers - please fill out this form and share it with the Dean of Students, or print a hard-copy, fiil out the form, and submit it to the Dean.

Academic Honesty Policy — 60.7 KB Icon description

A detailed overview of the Academic Honesty policy.


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