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! Midyear Transcript Requests

The forms for sending midyear transcripts to schools that require them, are available, in the counseling office. Now is the time that many colleges want updated transcripts with 1st semester grades. Check with colleges you’ve applied to, and if 1st semester transcripts are required or requested, fill out the yellow “Request to Send Mid-Year Transcript” form and give it to the counseling secretary, Kristine Ferfache or Jill Pries. A list of Common App schools which may require a Mid-Year Report is available for viewing, in counseling.

! PE Waivers at Fairview HS

PE waivers are not a guarantee and should not be included in graduation planning. Students have 4 years to meet the graduation requirement of 15 PE credits earned. If scheduling or other circumstances do not allow a student to complete the requirement in classes, his/her CHSAA approved FHS sports can be considered for up to 10 waived credits toward the 15 required PE credits for graduation. PE credit is not earned.

If a student earns 15 credits in the classroom, they will not receive waived credit regardless of the number of sports he/she successfully participated in. If a student athlete earns 5-10 credits in class, the FHS coach approved roster will be reviewed to waive 5-10 credits, not to exceed 15 total PE credits. Transcript entries for waived PE credit will be made after a student's Junior year.

Participation in FHS sports is not required; attendance for each sport is not required and sports take place outside of the school day, therefore student athletes do not receive PE Credit and students are still required to earn 220 credits to graduate.

Refer to BVSD Policy IKF


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