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Contact & Directions

Contact Numbers

Main Office Phone
(720) 561-3100
Main Office Fax
(720) 561-5353
Attendance Phone
(720) 561-5347
Attendance (24-hour Line)
(720) 561-5352
Attendance/Athletic Fax
(720) 561-3111
Athletic Office Phone
(720) 561-5327
Counseling Office Phone
(720) 561-5328
Counseling Office Fax
(720) 561-5333
Health Room Phone
(720) 561-3336
Registrar Fax
(720) 561-3110


1515 Greenbriar Boulevard
Boulder, Colorado 80305-7043
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* These phone numbers refer to Fairview's institutional contact information only. Phone numbers for individual faculty and staff members are better found in the new Staff Directory. Please do not call Fairview phone numbers to inquire about snow days or other district-level issues. Information about these subjects can be found on the BVSD website or through the @BVSDAlerts Twitter feed. Thank you.

** If you are aware of an immediate threat to your health or safety or that of others, please dial 911.


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