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Locker Requests for 2018-19

Rising 9th through 12th graders (i.e current 8th to 11th graders) must request for lockers here if they wish to have a locker for the 2018-19 school year.

Rising seniors will automatically be signed up for the senior balcony lockers on a first come, first served basis.

Important note:

  • All Fairview locker requests must be with another student (or another 2 students).
  • If you do not have a partner, check the corresponding checkbox below.
  • All other requests will be deleted.
BVSD student ID#s will be required as a way to verify student’s requests. Students new to BVSD should use “NEW” as their student ID.

Only one request per locker (two or three students to a locker) should to be submitted. Make sure that the person you request a locker with is in agreement, has not already signed up or been signed up for a locker and that you have their correct name and student ID handy before you fill out this form.

If you have any questions, please email Cecily Breit.

Questions regarding submissions will be sent to students’ BVSD email. Please check it on a regular basis.

Waitlisted students may request a locker when they are offered and have accepted their offer of enrollment.

Students (including incoming 9th graders) have until 3PM on Friday, May 25th to get their locker requests in.

Student #1

Students new to BVSD can use “NEW” as a Student ID.

The student's grade next school year.

If you do not have a locker partner, one or two (dependent on demand) will be chosen for you. Please indicate your preference below only if you do not have a locker partner.

Student #2 (Optional if gender preference already selected)

Students new to BVSD can use “NEW” as a Student ID.

The student's grade next school year.

Student #3 (Optional)

Students new to BVSD can use “NEW” as a Student ID.

The student's grade next school year.

By submitting this request, we acknowledge that we have read and understand the locker policy set forth by Fairview High School. We agree to follow all of the locker policies, understanding that violation of any or all of the policies could result in my locker privileges being revoked for the school year.

  • Do not leave food in lockers overnight.
  • Valuables should be carried with students; not stored in lockers.
  • Any locks placed on lockers that are not school issued will be cut and removed, all students will be removed from the locker and all locker privileges revoked for the remainder of the school year.
  • DO NOT share your locker combo with anyone other than your assigned locker partner.
  • Report any locker problems immediately to Security.
  • Do not write in, or on, lockers at any time. This is considered vandalism and students will be held financially responsible. Please report any locker vandalism to Security.