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Fairview High School is located in Boulder, Colorado, home of the University of Colorado. Situated 26 miles northwest of Denver, Boulder is a scholarly community of 100,000 dedicated to education, technology, the arts, and recreation. FHS is a comprehensive four-year high school established in 1960 and accredited by the state of Colorado. Fairview has a rich tradition of providing students with a rigorous academic program. Curriculum includes College-Preparatory, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate pathways, designed to challenge the potential of each student. It has long been evident that students who attend FHS are truly prepared to be highly successful in a globally competitive society.

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Enrollment District enrollment currently stands at 28,500 (K-12). Fairview’s enrollment currently stands at approximately 2200 students; 520 are seniors.


Fairview has 120 teaching faculty with an average of 14 years’ teaching experience. Seventy nine hold master’s degrees and seven hold doctorates.

GPA Range (class of 2013)

Weighted Un-weighted
Highest 4.905 4.0
Median 3.805 3.45

Academic Year and Schedule

Fairview is on a two-semester system with an eight-period day. In the fall of 2003, a block schedule was initiated two days per week.

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