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Easy, Safe, Free

  1. Go to RideArrangers.org and click the orange “SIGN UP/SIGN IN!” button to register. Please fill in your details, not your student's.
  2. Check your email for verification from RideArrangers (if you don't see it, check your junk mail folder).
  3. Click the link in the email to confirm your registration and log into the site.
  4. In the "What are you here for?" section, check the Schoolpool box, which is the fourth choice. Be sure to uncheck the other boxes. When inserting your address, include your city, state and zip code (i.e. 203 Fox Street, Denver, CO 80223).
  5. Join your school's network: in the blue navigation bar, click "Profile." Then click "My Networks," and "Join Network.”
  6. Enter your school name and click “Search."
  7. Click "Select" by your school's name.
  8. Enter your school enrollment passcode. **Fairview's password is "Knight" (without the quotes). Complete the student information and click “Submit."

Now you're ready to create a trip and search for a Schoolpool match

  1. Click "Schoolpool" in the blue navigation bar.
  2. Click "Add Schoolpool Trip" and fill in the form. (Trip start time is the time you normally leave your house.) When you're done, click "Save.”
  3. Under "Manage Your Schoolpool Trips," click "Find Matches."
  4. Send a message to other parents through the Schoolpool system (easy and secure).
  5. Once a parent accepts your request, you will receive an email notification. Enjoy your new Schoolpool.


Call RideArrangers at 303-458-POOL or email [email protected].

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