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Web Content:

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Web Content

Most of the information on the Fairview website is available for anyone in the general public to access. This includes most information about classes at Fairview, student clubs or activities, or general information about the school itself. This information is publicized without restriction to give access to visitors like parents and the general public, who may wish to learn more about the opportunities Fairview has to offer.

Private Content

Fairview students and staff have the option to make content that they create on the Fairview website private. Private content can only be viewed by other students and staff (note: this excludes parents, a necessary security precaution since currently the Web Team has no tools with which to distinguish parents from the general public), and frequently only by students who subscribe themselves to the class or activity in question. These features may be used by faculty members or school organization sponsors who have private information that should only be accessible by their students or members, whether it be for legal or privacy reasons.

If you find content on the Fairview website that you believe should not be publicly available, you should contact the Fairview Web Team immediately. Alternatively, if you believe that you should have access to some private content on the site, you are welcome to ask the Web Team about it.

Edit Privileges: Students & Staff

Maintenance of content on the Fairview website is facilitated using a highly secure user-specific edit privileges system. There is a strict protocol for approving and using edit privileges on the site.

Fairview staff each have edit privileges to exclusively create and manipulate the various site resources (including messages, assignments, files, calendar events, and other content). Staff members must sign in to the website using their BVSD email and Fairview website password (for more information on passwords, see the Student & Faculty Information section) to gain access to editing contents on their site.

Individuals who are not members of the Fairview staff can have edit privileges for sections of the website if they meet the following conditions:

  • The party is directly affiliated with the school in some way, whether as a student or parent volunteer,
  • The party's need to edit content on the site is legitimate and has been approved by the Fairview administration and the Web Team, and
  • The party has signed the Fairview Student IT Services Program Website Agreement, and given the aforementioned form to Mr. Sullivan (the Faculty Web Team supervisor, who can typically be found in the Library) for approval.

If a faculty member expressly requests for a student aid to assist them in maintaining content on their website, they may be given edit privileges for the aforementioned teacher's online content (and that content only). Other examples of non-staff members who may have edit privileges for the Fairview website include parent volunteers who run organizations at the school or student organization sponsors.

The Fairview website has multiple layers of security to prevent unapproved individuals from editing or accessing restricted content.

For more information or to request edit privileges for content on the site, please contact the Web Team.

Edit Privileges: The Fairview Web Team

In addition to Fairview staff and select students or parent volunteers, members of the Fairview Web Team, who are largely responsible for facilitating the maintenance of all information on the website, have select edit privileges for site.

Finally, the leaders of the Fairview Web Team, in addition to a few members of the Fairview administration, have admin privileges on the site. This means that they have the ability to edit all content on the Fairview website at any time. Activity by the student Web Team is supervised by the Fairview administration.

The Fairview Web Team institutes the following editing protocols when changing or uploading any content on the site:

  • Changes or new content must be in the best interests of Fairview High School, its staff, students, and the community at large.
  • Content must reflect accuracy in information and be kept up to date at all times.
  • All content that may be construed as offensive, derogatory, or harmful in any way to individuals affiliated with Fairview High School or otherwise is unconditionally prohibited.
  • All content that may be used to gain an unfair advantage by any party or to the disadvantage of others is also prohibited.
  • Information must be displayed in a way that best maximizes its usefulness and clarity of organization.

It is very important that the student leaders of the Web Team have the ability to edit any information on the site, when necessary. A few justifications for this are as follows:

  • The above protocols cannot easily be met without the assistance of a group of individuals dedicated to maintaining the flow of information on the website.
  • There are occasionally problems with the website that require the Web Team's attention and expertise to resolve.
  • The ability to closely interact with content on the website allows the Web Team to best optimize its performance, which is in the best interest of Fairview staff and students. This includes the ability to test out new features, and to solve problems more quickly using the tools to which the Web Team uniquely has access.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Web Team's capacity to edit content on the Fairview website, please feel free to contact them.

User Information

The Fairview website includes a database of users and user information, which is used by students and staff members to sign in and take advantage of useful social and editing features. All private information associated with a user is secure and is not shared with anyone.

Email Addresses

Users have the option of providing a personal email address at which to receive messages either from the Web Team, their teachers, or activities with which they may be associated. Users have complete control over who can send them emails through the built-in subscription service. Personal email addresses are hidden from all non-admin visitors to the site.


User passwords on the Fairview website are encrypted and hidden such that no one, not even the Fairview Web Team, can access them. Rather than storing raw passwords in the database, the Fairview website stores a string generated using an adaptive cryptographic hash function which is essentially irreversible, so that even if someone were able to infiltrate the database and gain access to a user's encrypted password, they would be unable to infer the original.

This means that if a user forgets their password, the Web Team will be unable to retrieve it for them; instead, the only thing that can be done is to send a password reset email which will contain a link that can be used to enter a new password. As a user of the internet, you should never give your password to an online service that does not encrypt your password, especially if you use the same password for multiple websites.

If you have any questions about user information security, please contact the Web Team.


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