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Aerospace Club

This is a club for anyone interested in aviation, aircraft, and aerospace. Joining the Aerospace Club means you can: Discuss aerospace topics with 20+ like-minded individuals at Fairview High School. We will also teach basic aerodynamics, and host speakers who have been/are in the aerospace field. Once COVID calms down a little, we may also attend airshows, become a member of a local EAA chapter (Experimental Aircraft Association), and build and fly model airplanes and rockets. We meet on Thursdays at Lunch in Room 849.

Please fill out this form if you are interested.

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Join the AC Discord server here! Check out the "More Info" and "Guest Speakers" tab for a deeper dive into our club/some other stuff!

For more information, contact our president Eshan Kulkarni, or our vice president Christopher Smit.

Eshan Kulkarni: [email protected] 720-628-9949

Christopher Smit: [email protected] 720-340-9390

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