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We are the Anime Club, the last bastion of competence in Fairview's sea of irrationality. If you enjoy the critical discussion of anime, free food (not sure how this is going to work post COVID,) and general tomfoolery, this is the club for you. If you want to hate yourself and build robots at the same time while eating even more free food than anime club can offer, check out the robotics club.

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Anime Club Begins in Earnest

Posted on September 22, 2020

Finally the day is almost upon us. We have finally formed as a club, and will be meeting tomorrow. Visit our discord at https://discord.gg/rYzQ77Y during the meeting time tomorrow. At last, the time has come.

Our Reemergence

Posted on September 14, 2020

It is us, the Anime Club. We have emerged from our underground caves to unveil the progress that we have been making on hosting meetings. We are proud to announce that we will start our first Cour of weekly meetings on Wednesday, September 23rd from 2:00-4:00 P.M. We had wanted to begin this week, but our discord is slightly behind schedule. The man who was supposed to be making our discord disappeared upon the steam re-release of NieR: Automata and the death of Klein, but once we drag him out... (continued)

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Jordan Tewnion

[email protected]

(720) 288-2169

Wed. 2:00-4:00

Costello, Kari

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