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  • April 01, 2015 April 01, 2015 Africa wall- DONE

    CONGRATULATIONS! The Africa wall is finished- probably one of the quickest walls we have finished while retaining wonderful quality- good job! Now we focus on what Art club is doing next year. I will continue craft and other art tutorials if it is wanted. We meet in the Art room now since the wall is finished. See you all Friday!

  • May 06, 2012 May 06, 2012 End of the Year

    Congratulations to our new President Anna Smith, Vice President Alana Rosler, and our Secretary/Treasurer Victoria Zheng! There will be no club next week as the walls are finished, and I will be in Santa Fe. However, on the week after that (the 18th) we will be finishing a few stars on the constellation wall, signing yearbooks, and hopefully moving the cart to a new home near the cafeteria.

  • May 01, 2012 May 01, 2012 Europe is Completed!

    The continent of Europe is complete save for 3 individual (and not very time-consuming) projects. Otherwise, we will be finishing the constellations and having our end-of-the-year party, which may just be on a Friday if I can't think of anything better.

  • April 17, 2012 April 17, 2012 End of the Year Party

    I am planning on having an Art Club End-of-the-Year Party, but to do this, I need to know when people are free, and also if anyone (besides me) can host it.