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Fairview Band Registration

Q: How do I sign up?

A: If you are interested in:

Marching Band: As a 9th grader, all students are required to march. Marching band runs from August till mid October and once state championships are over, the Marching Band class becomes Concert Band. Therefore, incoming band students will sign up for Band 1, course code N71.

*The only exception to this is Percussionists and Color Guard members. These students should sign up for N73, which is the Percussion/Color Guard class.

Concert Band: Concert Band and Marching Band have the same course code because they are the same class. The Marching Band becomes the Concert Band in late October, so the registration instructions for Concert Band are the same as Marching band. It is not possible to register for one without the other.

Jazz Band: All students interested in Jazz band are required to participate in the Concert Band. (The only exception to this is if a student plays an instrument not offered in Concert Band. All exceptions need to be cleared with Mr. Keller.) Therefore, N71 should be initially added to the schedule.

Auditions: Jazz Band auditions happen approximately one week after Spring Break. Check the calendar tab for updates or email Mr. Keller directly with questions. [email protected] All Jazz students must audition with Mr. Keller to be placed in a band. Incoming 9th graders should sign up for Jazz Band 3, course code N77. If a student makes Jazz Band 2 or 1, Mr. Keller will update the registration as necessary.

Color Guard The color guard is the visual unit that accompanies the Marching Band. Registration information is the same as above, however, the course number is N73 and the course is called Band 3.

Fairview Band Course List/Description

Band 1 (N71)- Marching/Concert Band Level 1- Marching Band and Concert Band. Level 1 is generally made up of Freshman/Sophomores

Band 2 (N72)- Marching/Concert Band Level 2- Marching Band and Concert Band. Level 2 is generally made up of Juniors/Seniors. *First semester percussionists will sign up for N72.

Band 3 (N73)- Percussion/Color Guard- All students interested in Percussion and Color Guard will sign up for Band 3. (Fall Semester Only)

Jazz Band 3 (N77)- Jazz Band that is our entry level jazz ensemble. Mostly consists of Freshmen/Sophomores, with occasional Juniors/Seniors.

Jazz Band 2 (N76)- Middle Level Jazz ensemble. Mostly consists of Sophomores/Juniors/Seniors, with occasional Freshmen.

Jazz Band 1 (N75)- Top Level Jazz ensemble. Mostly consists of Juniors/Seniors.


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