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Fairview Band Program Wish List - 2018-19

Our Band Wish List is a personalized list of communal items Mr. Keller would like to have to improve our students' band experience. Some of the instruments we have are on their last "note" and have been repaired so many times it has affected the quality of their sound. We have a limited amount of funds to purchase new instruments & equipment and so we depend on our generous donors to help us out. Mr. Keller updates our list frequently, so check back when you can to see if there is something that you would like to purchase for the band.

In order of priority

  • New Sound Board: $4000
  • French Horns (4): $4500 each
  • Marching Band Scaffolding for Teaching: $10,000
  • Recording Computer for Recording and Playback: $2000
  • Monitor for A/V in Office: $300

  • Contra Bass Clarinet: $6000
  • Bass Clarinet with Low D Key: $4000

  • New Oboe: $4,000
  • School Set of Flugelhorns: 4 at $2000 each, total $8000
  • Expanded Storage Shed: $10,000
  • Band Room File Folder System: $3,000
  • To receive more information on any of these items
    Please contact: Carrie Fross at [email protected]