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Fall Athletic Registration is generally available in August.
BVSD students may not participate in official practices until registration has been completed.
To register for the Fairview Boys Soccer Team, follow the instructions below.


Open the Fairview HS Web Store.

All Soccer Players: You will need to register for soccer on Revtrak before tryouts: https://fairviewhigh.revtrak.net/Athletics. In addition to registering for soccer, you'll need to get a 'green slip' from the school. [FYI: You will not be admitted to tryouts without a green slip. Photographs of green slips will not be accepted at tryouts--you must have the actual paper green slip to enter the field.]

There are a few steps for every athlete that need to be completed for eligibility to participate prior to the first day of the season--8/12 for Boys Soccer.

Step 1: Athletic Registration Link Above is the link to the registration for each sport. Every athlete MUST have a completed BVSD registration through this link

Step 2: Provide the athletic department with a current sports physical received by your health care provider. You can email, fax or hand deliver your physical to us. Fax number: 720-561-3111 email: [email protected]

Step 3: All Colorado High School athletes need to register with Planet HS (Formerly Arbiter Athlete). This is a CHSAA requirement for high schools in the state as of last year. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU DID A SPORT LAST YEAR IN ARBITER ATHLETE YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS AGAIN This is only required one time in your 4 years of high school for all sports. DIRECTIONS FOR PLANET HS: To create an account for online Pre-Participation, use your smart phone. Text S41087 to 69274. Text HELP to 69274 for more information. Text STOP to 69274 to opt out. Msg & Data rates may apply. The wireless carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. Number of messages vary per user

Step 4: Each athlete is required to pick up a green slip from the athletics office to hand to the coach on the first day of practice. The green slip tells the coach that Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 have been completed and they are ready to start the season.

The athletic secretary is available in the main office to hand out green slips: 07/30/19- 10am-2pm 07/31/19- 9am-3pm 08/01/19- 10am-2pm 08/05/19-08/09/19- 10am- 3pm

Steps 1-3 need to be completed BEFORE coming for a green slip.

Thank you, Cathy Kakavas, Athletic Secretary 720-561-5327

If a student does not make a team or decides to withdraw from a team at the beginning of the season, he must go to the Athletic Office and request a refund, which is issud in the form of a check (no refunds to credit cards).


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