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Team Lettering Policy

  • 80% attendance, plus one or more of the following:
    1. Average of 3 points scored at dual meets
    2. Qualify for State Meet
    3. Place Top 16 at League Meet
  • Or, 90% attendance with shown improvement as well as seen effort at every practice.

Practice Attendance Requirements

Club swimmers are free to choose which practice they attend each week. ONE per week is required. If you miss a practice one week, you can attend multiple practices the following week if you don’t want it to affect your chance to letter.

Dual sport athletes need to communicate with the coach about how they will be splitting time between the two sports. We will adjust attendance requirements based on this!

FHS-only swimmers will need to make an effort to attend at least 4 practices per week. At least 4 a week is recommended to see improvement over the course of the season.

Swim Meet Requirements

Meets offer fantastic competition and are a great learning experience for all! Swimmers need to compete in at least 6 meets this season.

Important note: CHSAA requires swimmers to compete in 6 meets in order to be eligible for State. League CANNOT count as one of the 6. Please plan wisely and do NOT leave your 6 meets until the last 6 meets… meets get cancelled, swimmers get sick… be smart and talk to coach if you need help planning.

Note about Coaches Invite: qualifying times are required but may have been achieved in previous seasons, during non-high school meets. This means BVSSL prelims/finals times, club meets, and meets in other states all count. You do not have to qualify for the meet at a meet this season.

Other Notes

Spring break swim practices will be bonus points towards attendance. It won’t hurt if you miss, but it WILL help if you come. The other activities like team dinners/runs/dryland, etc. will not be counted as attendance points.

EVERYONE is required to attend 5 practices before competing in their first meet. CHSAA rule.

Please contact coach if you have any questions about any of these expectations. Thank you!

South Boulder Rec Center Rules

  1. Please tell the front desk that you are with Fairview swimming EVERY time you come in.

  2. Use appropriate language (NO SWEARING) on deck and in the locker room. Be mindful of conversations in the locker room… just because we can’t see you doesn’t mean we can’t hear you. If topics are inappropriate (alcohol/drugs/parties/etc.) the front desk will find out and then I will find out as well. Don’t let this happen.

  3. Clean up - leave the pool area and locker room BETTER than you found it. Kickboards and equipment put away, no trash or water bottles left behind. If end lanelines are put in, they need to be taken out at the end of practice.

  4. SBRC does not want any food on deck anymore. If you need to eat during practice, go to the lobby. All trash needs to be picked up - a $90 fee will be charged to the team if food or trash is left on deck. I have already cleaned up many water bottles left behind and food wrappers!

  5. No diving at the shallow end

  6. User groups are no longer allowed to use the hot tub before or after practice. Enjoy a warm shower after practice instead.

  7. Remember that we are GUESTS at SBRC and having a swim team depends on the use of this facility. Be on your best behavior at all times, treat other staff and rec center members politely and respectfully and leave no trace that you were here.


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