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Tryout Information 2020-21

Cheerleading is a year-long sport that attends all home/away football games and home basketball games as well as local cheer competition from October - December.

Important Dates

Cheer tryouts have finally been scheduled for July 7-10! Please follow the link to register for tryouts.

July 7 and 8 Cheer CLinics 8-10am

July 10 Cheer Tryouts 8-10am

Location for all clinics and tryouts: The Softball Field at Fairview HS

What to Wear

Tryout Clinics

  • Wear comfortable, athletic clothing and shoes
  • Wear a mask that fits well, and is breathable and comfortable
  • Wear sunscreen as we will be out in the sun
  • Bring a water bottle and be sure to eat before clinics begin, if needed
  • If you do not have cheer shoes, please wear running/workout shoes
  • Casual sneakers are not ideal.

Tryout Day

  • Candidates must wear solid colored shorts and a white t-shirt with cheer/athletic shoes
    • Small logos and shorts with trim are acceptable. No phrases or graphics on tops/shorts.
  • Any colored bow is acceptable (not required)
  • Candidates will randomly draw and be given numbers to wear the day of tryouts

** Absolutely no jewelry can be worn at clinics, tryouts, or throughout the season. Hair should be up in a neat ponytail or bun, out of your face. Fingernails should be trimmed to a short length. **

Tryout Clinics

Students must register to participate in clinics and tryouts. They are closed to the public.

Clinic July 7th

  • Motion Drill (Basic cheer motions)
  • Band Dance (short dance)
  • Cheer (Sideline/game day cheer)

Clinic July 8th

  • Review: Motion Drill, Dance, Cheer
  • Jumps (Learn multiple jumps and counts for tryouts)
  • Review and practice tryout material in socially distanced groups
  • Randomly draw numbers for tryouts

Tryouts July 10th

  • Candidates will tryout in groups of 3-4 for the coaches

Candidates will be evaluated on the following material:

  • Band Dance
  • Sideline Cheer
  • Tumbling (Optional)
  • Jumps
  • Overall Spirit
  • Coachable attitude
  • Athleticism

Tryout Registration- Click Here


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